Note: Testank is optimized for the new Chrome and Firefox versions. Any other browser might require the Unity plugin to be present!

Testank is a new kind of arcade game combining simple game play inspired by old school games like Asteroids with new features such as real-time online multiplayer, player ranking and unique artificial intelligence controlled fish.

Controls: The mouse is all you need. Left mouse button moves your fish towards the mouse cursor and the right mouse button activates the special bubble or cake attack!

You play a catfish that needs to gather food to gain points while avoiding obstacles and fighting competitors. Sounds simple? Give it a try!

In Arena Mode you compete with other players for food. The player that finds the most food within 2 minutes wins the game. Players can be other people playing the game at the same time or a bots controlled by artificial intelligence. After every game your ranking will be updated. The more games you win the higher your ranking and the stronger your opponents become! Fun fact: The AI is automatically generated by an algorithm. The ones that get the highest ranking will be used to create even better AI!

In Challenge Mode you are on your own and need to get as many points as possible while evading the red obstacles. If you get hit the game is over. It is basically the Flappy Bird mode ...

Testank is my first game project as part of my Artificial Life Vision. The idea that a game can evolve instead of being programmed and scripted. Testank only applies this to the behavior of your opponents but in the future I want to make games that contain enemies that are entirely procedurally generated based on their interactions with each other and the player!

Did the multiplayer work? What do you think about the AI? I will be grateful for any feedback and constructive criticisms!

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